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If more than one router advertises its presence on the link, it depends on the IPv6 implementation of the host how it decides which router to use as its preferred default route. 1 Cisco IOS Cisco IOS allows the configuration of the following router parameters in router advertisements: • The time interval between periodic router advertisement messages; • The “router lifetime” value, which indicates the usefulness of a router as the default router (for use by all nodes on a given link); • The network prefixes in use on a given link; • The time interval between neighbor solicitation message retransmissions (on a given link); • The amount of time a node considers a neighbor reachable (for use by all nodes on a given link).

This is assigned by the local network manager. Figure 3-5 Structure of the Real-world Global Unicast Address Prefix Let’s look at an example: CESNET is the operator of Czech National Research and Education Network and also the LIR serving organisations connected to this network. CESNET obtained from RIPE NCC (RIR responsible for Europe) the prefix 2001:718::/32. /48 prefixes from this space are assigned to institutions connected to the CESNET network – for example the Czech technical University in Prague obtained the prefix 2001:718:2::/48.

This command is the first step to configuration. Router# terminal length <0-512> {} Set terminal display length to <0-512>. If length is 0, no display control is performed. Router# who {} Router# list {} List commands. Router(config)# service password-encryption {} Encrypt password. Router(config)# service advanced-vty {} Enable advanced mode VTY. Router(config)# service terminal-length <0-512> {} Set system wide line configuration. This configuration command applies to all VTY interfaces. 37 Chapter 4 Essential Functions and Services Router# show version {} Show the current version of the Quagga and its build host information.

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