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By Alan Dean Foster

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For eons, the Amplitur had searched house for clever species, every one of which used to be joyously welcomed to participate within the success of the Amplitur objective. even if it desired to or now not. whilst the Amplitur and their allies stumbled upon the races referred to as the Weave, the aim appeared poised for a very good step forward. however the Weave's extraordinary harmony additionally gave it the power to struggle the Amplitur and their reason. And struggle it did -- for hundreds of thousands of years.

Will Dulac was once a brand new Orleans composer who proposal the tiny reef off Belize often is the excellent spot to drop anchor and end his most up-to-date symphony in solitude. What he came across in its place was once a bunch of alien viewers -- a scouting occasion for the Weave, having a look. for allies between what they believed to be a uniquely warlike race: Humans.
Will attempted to persuade the extraterrestrial beings that guy was once essentially peaceable, for he understood that Human involvement might break the race. yet all too quickly, it didn't subject. The Amplitur had found Earth...
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They have traveled for hundreds of years, slower than mild, and now that they have got arrived on the international they need to make their new domestic. They regard the truth that the planet is already colonized by way of people as a trifling inconvenience, the extra so on the grounds that their mode of verbal exchange is so varied from whatever people use that they don't think about people and their allies to be actually clever. And the coming extraterrestrial beings know—or, not less than, they believe—that once they die they are going to be reincarnated, so that they don't hesitate to assault people and their allies with suicidal fury. And, if important, they're going to exterminate all people and their allies, if that’s what it takes to occupy the planet.

That was once their angle on arrival, however the conquerors have realized from human know-how. They now understand all approximately reactionless drives, a lot more effective than rocket engines. and so they have discovered concerning the leap issues which make faster-than-light shuttle attainable. With that wisdom, they plan to beat the complete inhabited zone of the galaxy—unless the outdated alliance of people and different being can cease them . . . .

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Only in the full light of the Purpose could such magnificence be truly appreciated. One-who-Decides did not have eyes capable of making sense of what they saw. Only advanced instrumentation could do that. With a gentle exhalation the Commander turned back to the sickle’s control panel. This expedition was to be regretted. The majority of new races readily accepted the logic of the Purpose and embraced it fully upon first encounter with Amplitur envoys. Sometimes the Amplitur’s presence was not even required and allied peoples could make the presentation themselves, for the delight of the newly persuaded often exceeded that of their instructors.

Fast-blue-Breeder had requested the meeting. The moment needed to be commemorated. As they gathered aboard the flagship there was much intertwining of tentacles tips and soft husking of mouthparts. Despite the stress of the expedition and attendant combat, two of the Amplitur were reproducing. Following a fifteen-month gestation period, the large buds blossoming from their backs would be carefully removed and placed in nursery environments to mature as new individuals. Until that time the budding infants would depend on nutrients supplied by their parenting bodies.

The crew was a tight unit, their thoughts and actions devoted to a single end. That was all the Purpose was. An end. There was nothing exotic about it, nothing even a simpleminded Vandir could fail to understand. The Purpose was integration: utter and complete physical, cultural, and mental integration. When a race reached a certain level of technological and sociological sophistication, it either self-destructed or began a long slide leading to complete cultural degeneration. Voices of promise that might have contributed to a great multiracial civilization vanished in mindless orgies of barbaric self-indulgence or atomic immolation.

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