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By Jane Maxwell

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Girls with disabilities frequently notice that the social stigma of incapacity and insufficient care are higher limitations to well-being than the disabilities themselves. A health and wellbeing guide for ladies with Disabilities can help girls with disabilities conquer those limitations and enhance their normal wellbeing and fitness, vainness, and skills to take care of themselves and perform their groups. This groundbreaking instruction manual used to be constructed with the assistance and event of girls with disabilities in forty two nations ladies whose disabilities contain blindness, deafness, amputations, paralysis, studying problems, small stature, epilepsy, arthritis, and cerebral palsy. The booklet is stuffed with helpful suggestion on: taking care of day-by-day wishes with restricted entry to gear, Having fit and secure sexual relationships, settling on kin making plans equipment that paintings top with particular, disabilities, getting ready for being pregnant and childbirth, protecting opposed to violence or abuse, Interactions of incapacity medicinal drugs with different drugs, Organizing for disability-friendly well-being care.Health execs, caregivers for girls with disabilities, and running shoes operating with incapacity teams also will discover a well-being guide for girls with Disabilities a vital source.

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It also shows how families and communities can promote mental health. Remember there are no quick solutions to mental heath problems. Beware of anyone who promises this. 50 chapter 3: Mental health Challenges to mental health Stress, discrimination, isolation, and traumatic events are some of the challenges to mental health that women with disabilities face. Of course, not everyone who has to cope with these problems will develop mental health problems. Stress, for example, is not a mental health problem, although when you can no longer cope with the challenges you face, too much stress has become a problem.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities 2007 53 54 chapter 3: Mental health Isolation Disabled girls may grow up separate from other children and not have the chance to develop friendships. They may not learn the social skills they need to build strong relationships as adults. Being alone and isolated creates stress. Having friends and being part of a community is important for good self-esteem. A teenage girl who has a disability also needs support to develop confidence about her sexuality so she can form close personal and sexual relationships (see page 142).

Everyone has something to offer To help everyone feel comfortable, and to show how each person has a contribution to make, you can ask each woman to tell about something she does well or that she is proud of. ) For instance: Kranti is a good cook. Rania is a skilled midwife and has delivered hundreds of babies. A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities 2007 Maria keeps the peace between her sisters. Adetoun is a good storyteller. The children in her family and neighborhood love to listen to her.

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