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Geometry And Topology

By Veblen O., Whitehead J. H.

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The aim of this e-book is to illustrate that advanced numbers and geometry may be mixed jointly fantastically. This leads to effortless proofs and common generalizations of many theorems in aircraft geometry, comparable to the Napoleon theorem, the Ptolemy-Euler theorem, the Simson theorem, and the Morley theorem.

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However, Ratner’s Theorem also tells us that s∗ µ is L-invariant, so, because L = H, we conclude that s∗ µ is H-invariant. Thus, H/Λ has an H-invariant probability measure, namely s∗ µ, so Λ is a lattice in H. Thus, Λ has finite index in Λ, so H/Λ is a finite cover of H/Λ = M . 30 4. FUNDAMENTAL GROUPS I Since the action is engaging, and s : M → H/Λ is a G-equivariant section, this implies H/Λ = M , so Λ = Λ. M. Gromov provided another important class of topologically engaging examples. We will see the proof in Lecture 5.

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