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By Philip Carter

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Advanced IQ Tests is for puzzle fans who're searching for a problem. This booklet includes 360 of the main tough perform questions designed to degree a sophisticated point of numerical, verbal, and spatial skill, logical research, lateral pondering, and challenge fixing talents. Advanced IQ Tests comes in handy for somebody dealing with a graduate or managerial choice attempt, however it is additionally if you simply are looking to pit their talents opposed to a number of the hardest questions on hand.

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What number should replace the question mark? 4 2 2 2 3 1 1 4 3 2 1 5 2 3 4 ? Answer 23. Which word does not logically belong in the list below? glance, anchor, charge, casino, arcade 24. Complete the pattern in accordance with the rules of logic already established. 46 Advanced IQ tests 25. 12 3 7 8 10 18 4 11 2 5 6 13 6 6 14 4 5 9 ? ? ? The top set of six numbers has a relationship to the set of six numbers below. The two sets of six boxes on the left have the same relationship as the two sets of six boxes on the right.

Deep c. harmful d. diffused e. moderate f. toxic 56 Advanced IQ tests 21. &&•&&&ᔜ&&&&•&&&ᔜ&&•&&&ᔜ&&&& •&&&ᔜ&&•&&&ᔜ&&&&•&&&ᔜ &&&ᔜ&&&&•&&&ᔜ Which three symbols are missing? A &•& B •&& C &&& D &&• E &ᔜ& 22. Public __________ __________ sell their __________ to the ___________ ___________, whereas ___________ companies __________ __________ shares to, or _________ __________ __________ , the general public. Insert the 11 words below into their correct position in the above passage. can, cannot, companies, from, general, money, private, public, raise, sell, shares IQ Test Five 57 23.

Answer 11. Only one group of six letters below can be rearranged to spell out a six-letter word in the English language. Identify the word. NITLAF IFCLEA AHGOLI OLKECM FITRAB RNUMLA IQ Test Five 12. 639 + ? = 2 53 582 + 381 3 Complete the equation by correctly identifying the missing part of the calculation from the list of options below. a. 25 11 b. 125 c. 81 3 d. 100 − 9 3 e. 62 ÷ 9 13. Which two words are most opposite in meaning? virtuous, impecunious, calm, nefarious, nonchalant, fastidious 14.

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