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By Myron W. Evans, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

ISBN-10: 0471389315

ISBN-13: 9780471389316

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ISBN-13: 9780471466123

The recent version will give you the sole entire source on hand for non-linear optics, together with unique descriptions of the advances during the last decade from world-renowned specialists.

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A way out of the discussed problem earlier of zero net charge of the photon is to assert that the photon is its own antiphoton [5]. The result of Eq. (141) provides an alternative to this. At this point a question arises as to the possibility of having an expression for the angular momentum also in the rest frame K 0 . However, such a question is not simple, because the definition of a Poynting vector in the rest frame of the wavepacket is not straightforward. As in the case of the electric charge, there are local contributions of various signs to the total integrated magnetic moment.

The magnetic field can be determined from the electric field by means of Eq. (2). A divergence operation on Eq. (1) further gives   q þ C Á r ðdiv EÞ ¼ 0 qt ð46Þ In some cases this equation will become useful for the analysis, but it does not introduce more information than that already contained in Eq. (45). As will be shown later, Eq. (46) leads to the same dispersion relation for div E 6¼ 0 as Eq. (45) for the wave as a whole. Three limiting cases can be identified on the basis of Eq. ’’ The S wave can be considered as a special degenerate form of the EMS wave.

118)–(123). Similarly, ðEz0 ; B0r Þ in the rest frame are in phase with G0 , whereas ðEr0 ; B0z Þ are 90 out of phase with G0 as shown by Eqs. (134)– (137). In the analysis that follows we choose the normalized generating functions (90) and (101) to be symmetric with respect to the axial centra "z ¼ 0 and z0 ¼ 0 of the wavepackets. With "z ¼ z À cðsin aÞt, we thus have G ¼ RðrÞcos k"z G0 ¼ RðrÞcos ðk0 z0 Þ ð140Þ where the real parts of expressions (90) and (101) have been adopted. 1. Charge and Magnetic Moment In the laboratory frame the integrated electric charge is given by ð ð q ¼ e0 div E dV ¼ e0 n Á E dS ¼ 0 ð141Þ where dV and dS are volume and surface elements, respectively, and the integration is extended over entire space.

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Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol.119, Part 2. Modern Nonlinear Optics (Wiley 2001) by Myron W. Evans, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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