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By Falko Lorenz

ISBN-10: 0387289305

ISBN-13: 9780387289304

From Math studies: "This is an enthralling textbook, introducing the reader to the classical components of algebra. The exposition is admirably transparent and lucidly written with merely minimum necessities from linear algebra. the recent options are, no less than within the first a part of the booklet, outlined within the framework of the advance of conscientiously chosen difficulties. therefore, for example, the transformation of the classical geometrical difficulties on structures with ruler and compass of their algebraic surroundings within the first bankruptcy introduces the reader spontaneously to such primary algebraic notions as box extension, the measure of an extension, etc... The e-book ends with an appendix containing workouts and notes at the past elements of the publication. notwithstanding, short ancient reviews and proposals for extra interpreting also are scattered in the course of the text."

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C; d / means ad D bc: It is easy to prove that this is an equivalence relation; let K D M= the set of equivalence classes. a; b/ 2 M by Œa=b. ad C bc/=bd ; Œa=b Œc=d  D Œac=bd : Checking that these operations are well defined is left to the reader. It is easy to see that with these operations K becomes a commutative ring with unity; the zero element is Œ0=1 and the unity is Œ1=1. The map à W R ! a/ D Œa=1 is a homomorphism. By definition, Œa=b D 0 D Œ0=1 if and only if a D 0. In particular, à is injective.

For the moment, denote by ‫ޚ‬K the subring of K consisting of all nK , for n 2 ‫ ޚ‬. ޚ‬K such that '1 D 1K : Two cases can be distinguished: Case A: ker ' ¤ 0. Then we are in situation (27) above. If n 2 ker ', division by p with remainder shows that n 2 p ‫ ޚ‬. It follows that ker ' D p ‫ ޚ‬, so the Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem applied to ' yields an isomorphism (29) ‫ޚ‬K ' ‫= ޚ‬p ‫ ޚ‬: In particular, ‫ޚ‬K has exactly p elements. Being a finite integral domain, ‫ޚ‬K is a field! ) Case B: ker ' D 0.

Ii) The converse will be proved here only in the case where K has infinitely many elements. Suppose that ᐆ is finite. ˛1 ; : : : ; ˛n / with finitely many elements ˛i ; otherwise there would be an infinite chain of intermediate fields obtained by adjoining ever more elements. ˛; ˇ/. Since ᐆ is finite but K is infinite, there exist distinct 1 ; 2 2 K such that K. 1 ˛ C ˇ/ D K. 2 ˛ C ˇ/ DW L: Then . 1 ˛ C ˇ/ . 2 ˛ C ˇ/ D . 1 2 /˛ lies in L, and therefore so does ˛, and likewise ˇ. It follows that E D L D K.

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