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By C.G. Someda and G.I. Stegeman (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0444598944

ISBN-13: 9780444598943

ISBN-10: 0444884890

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Dielectric optical waveguides were investigated for greater than twenty years. within the final ten years they've got had the original place of being at the same time the spine of a really sensible and completely built expertise, in addition to an incredibly interesting quarter of easy, vanguard examine. present waveguides could be divided into units: one which include waveguides that are already in useful use, and the Read more...

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4 ) on e know s tha t th e rotatio n matri x in circula r polarizatio n basis read s fV* S ° () [=o 1 ï - Z )7 e-i *J* Thu s on e get s wit h N 0 = ßê fro m Eq .

3 ) an d Eqs. 6) . Followin g Eqs. 1 ) on e get s fro m thei r value s at æ= 0 th e Jones matri x ( <_ c o s y 'd - i ( V H z- 6 ) y A(d) = V ç i"~ s i n y d i siny d ç i~ - sinV d Ë y ( V H z- 5 ) cosy'd + i ; siny' d i J . 8 ) 56 R. Ddndliker Fo r V H Z = 0 on e find s A = ( A ) A, whic h confirm s reciprocit y (cf . 3 . L ) . e . i f th e twis t induce d circula r birefringenc e i s large r tha n th e expecte d linea r birefringenc e du e t o externa l perturbation s o f th e fiber, such as bendin g or squeezing .

Bendin g an d squeezin g optica l fiber s doe s also introduc e linea r birefringenc e [1,2] . Rotationa l effect s of polarization , however , ar e in genera l less commo n an d mor e difficul t t o produc e an d t o under stand. I t i s th e ai m of thi s pape r t o analyz e th e polarizatio n behavio r o f single-mod e optica l fiber s wit h special emphasi s on rotationa l effects , usin g coupled-mod e theor y an d a unifie d physica l descriptio n based on th e loca l optica l propertie s of th e fibe r an d th e correc t choic e of th e mode s of th e unperturbe d fiber .

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